Ars Gratia Artis Ad Victorium

Ars Pura for creation be the truest of the paths.
and crafts ad usum propium the self sufficient last.
Ad Untrumque Paratus we victors in both lives.
Addendum ad Valorem for the wealth of art and thy.

Semper anticus ad meloria toward the knowledge we may find.
May our goals remain eadem.
Not subject for to change.
And may our hearts remain Arden

Towards all beliefs thou claim.
Liber we remain and sursum we will aim
Sermo Tuus Veritas Est
and with thy word I serviam

and Si Vales Valeo to what love that I may find again.
Sic Infit! Sic Parvas Magna!
Sine metu, Sit nomine digna of that which I was given.
Tonight I rest with ease
For I know now I’ve been forgiven.




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