Occidere et Redire

First we see a proletariat
Poor and void of hope
Than you see a rich man
Who goes out in poor mans clothes.
Gambling dope and prostitutes
Are where his money goes.
Next you see a holy man who’s getting by on bribes
After work you see him at the brothel getting high.

What a joyous world you see,
Deceptive is it not.
If only the world was have as nice
As the ignorant followers thought.
Just like the US scientists
Who test their bombs abroad.
While islanders who used to call these wasteland islands home,
Were left to sit in starvation gaining cancers in their bones.
Tell me now was it worth the peoples eyes to know,
Just how many lives a bomb could ruin in one blow.

Mother earth has given us all what we think we own,
And that’s how we repay her and the planet we call home.

Our nuclear weapons could destroy the human race,
And ruin the whole planet,
Over trivial trade pacts,
Just so the aristocrats
Can play their stupid games.
Yet they say that were insane.
While they fiend like junkies
Over power, gains and money
It seems the more destructive habits get you more respect,
Ruin all the lives you want just keep on writing checks.
As long as money flows you can do just as you please,
As long as you are richer than the lives that you impede.

In a sick society I’m glad to not be healthy,
I wish to take no part In all that’s glamorous and wealthy.


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