atlas-close-up-dark-592753.jpgClockwork turns behind the lens.

That who greeds with will amends;

Forgiven doth thrive high and dry.

Seeking friend how wayward thy?

Signals rest in cryptic lies,

phrases blended, scripts aligned.

Symbols print out changing tides.

Dependence broken, just in time.

Now we wait and watch the signs.

Words he writes may cease to rhyme.

Here Nothing is but still a thing.

Some thing is just one anything,

So Everything is all the things.

Heard forgotten spirits singing

Vibrant song for message bringing

Steer the notes who bend and swing,

That float from ringing metal strings.

Seeking peace to ease the mind,

Lest our thoughts be left behind.

Think us toward some brighter times

To times For which we raise a toast

To one for all for one who holds,

For thine who fell and thy of old

Shall Shine before their weary souls

Who’s tree-like spirits skim the skies

With Minds still showered by

how’s? and why’s?

Soon We’ll wonder why we Arrived,

Why life was always such a hurry.

Dismiss such need for pointless fury,

Nor banter, racket, ruckus flurries

Flourishing Nourishing, words to restore

Words that may ease us when spirit is sore

in wait we Graciously painted the shores

Insatiably impatient he wines for more

Whilst I wait watching the magical

floor, until my eyes get dry and sore.

If this is what your hoping for,

Than stick around for what’s in store.

Until next time my lyric pour

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The depths

Here at the bottom there’s a strange sort of air

These walls are all blurred and the corners aren’t there,

here in the depths a man lay unwoken.

we know this mans name though it cannot be spoken,

as I approached did he make slow cryptic motions,

with hands cracked and dry like they’ve never seen lotion,

He staggered my way and he slid me a token,

why not trade your soul when it’s already broken,

I gave him a bow and turned to the stairs,

and since I’ve returned I’ve no longer a care.

Nothing to loose means Theres nothing to steal,

now watch and rest easy with as apathy peels

away everything one could possibly feel.

Thou criticize me for making this deal,

but you’d do the same if your mind could not heal.

It seems some of us are just beyond repair,

and how can you fix what never was there

now I just watch and I sit and I stare,

as My bones fall to pieces and starve in my chair,

not that I wrote this poem complain

but these are just notions one Needs to explain,

not just for you but for myself as well,

heed this advice and keep distance from hell.

The First Descent

Step by step down musty stairs

Walls of stone and stale old air

A faintly drone was buzzing by

With Desolate scents that burned my eyes

Once we met the bottom step,

all began to blur except

The silent wretch across the room

rotting arm chair all drenched in gloom

Move he not but still he stares

With hollow eyes that weren’t there

When I woke I knew not where

I was or how I’d gotten there

Still I wander through our dreams

Shrill yell yonder who was thee?

I guess you’ll haveto wait and see

In all our future poetry.

This is just the second step

Of exploring the souls extent