Somnium Terram

Trees of red and Skies of Gray
Knew that I just couldn’t stay
Like a bee she buzzes by
Always being watched.

Chopped a twamp,
dogged a tramp
Playing games in eight dimensions.
Having seen both Hell and Heaven.

The middle path of which we chose,
Will haunt us till we decompose
Seems we’ve found some other way
To climb back into heavens gates.
Write. and read an hope and pray

Should we make it out alive,
I’ll Kiss you on the other side. viz
Mrs.Right was always wrong
Mrs. Left was always strong

\Save your breath for when it counts.
Fire Words in mass amount.
Write it to prevent the pain.
Consider all our demons slain.



Who are we?
Who are we supposed to be?
Even if there were an answer;
Would our souls than not be free?

Who am I?
Am I me?
Which one is the voice that speaks?
Which one is the hand the writes?

If I is me
and We is I.
Which will I be when I die?
You ask such silly questions, why?

If you know, than its arranged.
The unknown futures often change.
But once we see, its set in stone.
Some things are best left alone.

Magis Pecuniam

Balance rests within all things.
Power runs toward priests and kings.
Never working for their bread.
While their slaves are hardly fed.

Add much value to thy life,
Add much to thy core.
Use thy knowledge as a knife
And Add forever more.

Spare no time to be in pain.
All will heal in time.
Striving not for fame for
we are beautifully sublime.

Growing now in opulence.
More and more each day.
Knowledge begats affluence
As wealth now comes in waves..

Learn and learn
Create Create
Your life is your
To narrate.