Amor Tristi

His love and hate are nearly the same.
Her love and lust are always mixed up.
Something that they love to see.
A generational tragedy.

Hear them now they gnash their teeth;
Waiting for the first misspeak.
Preying on the mass confusion,
Addicted to their choice illusions.

Saving face with frame of mind.
Memorizing cryptic lines.
Hypnotized but far from blind.
Separated from the sheep,
Though not looking over thee.
Gazing up at codes above
Acting as a duplex node.

Sometimes No one, sometimes All.
Sure as empires will fall,
With the rise of changing tides
Stay awake and keep alive.
May you rest and may you wake.
Consider all your spirits saved.


Adfectantibus Romanis Cantor

Swapping spirits through a screen.

Both know not of what they mean.

An arm for rent details the scene.

He utters nothing in thousands of words.

She who keeps running but can’t stay away.

Feels so absurd, you confirmed that today.

Unsure of how but minds have been made.

Both of them know but neither will say.

The holes in their chests will be healing okay.

Yet without force more than each other to thank.

With gazes that rob mortal souls like a bank.

They finally find who they’d hold to the grave.

Who these two are I cannot recall.

It might just be you but it may be us all.

Both in their voices held sounds for sore minds.

Neither aware of the treasures they hide.

Better to not stay stuck in the eye,

When your being pulled through onto their side.

The only mistake he could make now is lie,

Be honest and free yourself from your own ties.

Every question is asked for a reason.

If she can have trust than forever she keeps him.

Else they may both stay in limbo forever.

Leave they may not till they walk it together.

The writer tries but cannot deny.

The visions of her flashing past his closed eyes.

he follows the words of the unconscious mind.

If only he had realized what you felt the would time.

Maybe that would close their gap.

But for now he needs a nap.

Now that you’ve been synchronized.

No one else may catch your eyes.

That goes for both you and I.

Here’s our chance to feel alive.

One that neither want to miss.

The story starts a nervous kiss.

No telling where it goes from there.

And tell he not but ask she dare.

Chaos chose its favorites.

Now we’ve nothing to forget.

Free from all our past regrets.

The wall between us shatters to bits.

Your my cage and I thy chain, you thy heart and I thy brain.

Since my hook met your refrain.

So glad that I rode this train.

I thought I’d never feel the same.

But I smile more than ever before.

Ever since you came aboard.